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Padauk Blossom

They say that under this tree Tissa Buddha himself was enlightened, and now it is a national symbol of the country

It is the padauk! It can be seen flowering only once a year. On the eve of the Thingyan period (Burmese New Year, usually mid-April), namely during the celebration of the Thingyan festival, the tree becomes golden. The padauk is a sacred flower. It is honoured in the culture of Myanmar.

The padauk is a favourite flower of poets and artists, often depicted on pottery and ceramics or sculpted in stone. According to a legend, the padauk flower symbolises youth and love, strength, longevity, and success. The Myanmar people carry gold flowers to the Buddha statues and other revered shrines. During the celebrations, people present gifts in the form of flower petals in a silver bowl to their deities. Myanmar has accepted to give bouquets of the padauk to young girls as a love confession. Women wear necklaces of Padauk blooms as decoration as well.

At the "Thingyan" festival these flowers decorate all public places, temples, local houses, and even vehicles. During the holiday Burmese give gifts in the form of flower necklaces to travellers showing hospitality and goodwill.