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Water Lilies in Austria

Gorgeous water lilies cover Austrian lakes in the summer

Best time: May–September

Water Lilies
Water Lilies

As there are more than 300 lakes in Austria, your chances to admire beautiful wild lilies' bloom are quite high. Visit Lanser Moor also known as Water lily pond near Innsbruck. Or Kloppeiner Lake in Carinthia known not only for its lilies but also for high water quality. After all, lilies not only please the eyes but also play an important role, keeping the water clean.

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What is the best time of the year to see water lilies in Austria?

Water lilies in Austria bloom at their best from May to September, during the warm summer period. More than 300 lakes in the country offer an opportunity to view these stunning wildflowers in full bloom at this time. The ideal water temperature is just right during this season, making it perfect for the lilies to bloom and be viewed in their full glory. Show more

Where can we find water lilies in Austria besides Lanser Moor and Kloppeiner Lake?

Water lilies can also be found in other Austrian lakes like Almsee in Upper Austria, Wörthersee in Carinthia, and Altausseer See in Styria. Their presence is not limited to lakes only; they can also be found in several ponds and wetlands such as Neusiedler See National Park. Their abundance across the country makes it an easy feat to view them in their natural habitat. Show more

How do water lilies contribute to maintaining water quality in Austrian lakes?

The central role of water lilies in Austrian lakes is the natural filtering and purification of the water. By absorbing surplus nutrients, water lilies prevent the rapid growth of harmful algae that can lower the amounts of oxygen in the water. This ensures a balanced ecosystem, conducive to the survival of other aquatic life and birds in the vicinity. It also improves the water quality which benefits humans in multiple ways. Show more

What other flora and fauna can be seen in Austrian lakes during the summer?

Apart from water lilies, various aquatic plants such as pondweed, hornwort and waterweed are common features in Austrian lakes. The presence of these plants gives the fish in the area like pike, perch, carp and trout a preferred habitat. Several other creatures like swans, ducks, and amphibians such as common toads and great crested newts thrive in Austrian lakes. In addition, there are water sports activities like swimming, boating, paddling and windsurfing available for tourists. Show more

Are there any local traditions or celebrations associated with water lilies in Austria?

Celebrations in Austria specifically for water lilies are not held, but the country's historical and artistic background acknowledges the flowers with a deeper cultural value. For many years, different artists have depicted water lilies in various art forms, showcasing the beauty and peaceful nature of this aquatic flower. Locals also use the tubers and flowers of the lily as part of their traditional medicine and cuisine. Furthermore, there are legends passed down over time that link the lilies to mermaids and water spirits. Show more

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