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St. Stanisław Procession 2023

Locals honour Saint Stanislaw who is believed to have raised the dead!

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On the first Sunday after May 8th, Poland’s cardinals and bishops gather in Krakow in order to honour St. Stanislaw. Stanislaus of Szczepanów was a Bishop of Kraków known for his ability to raise the dead. In order to prove to King Boleslaw the Bold that he has the right to own a piece of land, Stanislaw miraculously produced a fitting witness. He spent three days in prayer and went to the cemetery where Piotr, the man who was the previous owner of the land had been buried three years earlier. Stanisław asked Piotr to rise, and Piotr did so. Each year a procession of the faithful and celebrities, led by the Bishop of Krakow, goes from the Wawel Cathedral to the Skalka sanctuary.

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