Best time to travel to Mauritius

Blooming of Exotic Flowers

Witness how Mauritius turns into a colourful flowerbed

Blooming of Exotic Flowers in Mauritius 2019 - Best Time
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Nature is the biggest attraction in Mauritius during the whole year. Still you haven’t seen anything if you didn’t visit the island during December and January. Being the second largest supplier of plants and cut flowers in the world, Mauritius offers spellbinding views of richly coloured flowers blossoming all over the island. Among them are bright crimson bottle brushes (a flower literally resembling bottle brush), majestic purple lilies, diverse blossoming cactuses, delicate Plumeria flowers, and more than 60 species of orchids.

Cactus with flowers and fruits 2020
Cactus with flowers and fruits
Flowers at the Trou aux Biches resort 2020
Flowers at the Trou aux Biches resort
Bottle brush blossom 2020
Bottle brush blossom
Orchid blooming 2020
Orchid blooming