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Best time to travel to Victoria


Enjoy the riot of bright colours of wildflowers from late August–early September when spring comes to Victoria


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Nature wakes up after hibernation, and wildflowers and trees are already in full bloom with bright fragrant smelling flowers. At this time of year, it is impossible to miss such beauty all around Victoria.

Bluebells, scaly buttons, billy buttons, lemon beauty-heads, and everlasting daisies cover the volcanic plains and hills of Mount Derrimut Nature Conservation Reserve. Greenhood orchids and bull mallee eucalypts are rampant in the Long Forest Flora and Fauna Reserve from September until February. Bright hakeas, grevilleas, and peas are one of the most prevalent wildflowers in Anakie Gorge and Stony Creek Reservoir of the Brisbane Ranges National Park. By the way, here you might be lucky to meet koalas and wallabies. Kinglake National Park and Warrandyte State Park can provide unforgettable walks under shady trees, enjoying wildflowers and tall ferns.

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