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Easter 2023

A time to try traditional dishes, sweets, shop for handicrafts and have fun


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After forty days of Lent comes Easter. A great religious holiday that brings hope and joy to every Christian. This celebration in Austria includes a number of interesting traditional ceremonies. The holy week starts from Palm Sunday when people prepare seven willow twigs in a bouquet to bring it to church for a blessing. The next week is all about strict fasting. People pray and prepare traditional dishes: Easter eggs, and a special sweet bread called Osterpinze.

During Easter Night, many communities burn large bonfires, dance, and sing. Some brave ones will even jump over the fire. This tradition originally comes from pagan times. Easter Sunday is one of the biggest holidays in Austria. People typically go to church to hear the bells which have been silent since Green Thursday. There are lots of Easter markets with traditional delicacies, Easter handicrafts, souvenirs, and traditional music. Kids especially love Easter because of the games with chocolate Easter eggs. Children are also given a delicious cake in the form of a lamb called Osterlamm. People decorate everything with Easter symbols and​ it's certainly a fun spectacle to be a part of.

Easter Markets in Austria

The largest Easter markets are located in Vienna. The fair at Schönbrunn Palace and Freyung market also offer plenty of entertainment, craft workshops, and kids' activities. In Graz, it's worth to visit The Franziskanerplatz Easter Market. It's a good place to sample local schnapps and shop for Easter gifts and souvenirs. In Tyrol, Innsbruck Easter Market attracts shoppers with a great selection of traditional crafts and excellent food.

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