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Surfing the Big Wave in Cape Town

Cape Town—the greatest place for surfing all year round. However, if you are an experienced surfer winter might be your best choice

Imagine the big powerful waves with water temperature that you can actually choose yourself! On the one hand you can enjoy the strong and cold antarctic currents of Cape Horn and experience really powerful waves. Alternatively, if you look for something warmer (at least by several degrees), just swing round to the False Bay for some tropical waters.

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What can people expect when they surf in Cape Town?

Surfers in Cape Town can expect an epic experience with cold waves reaching up to five meters high. There are opportunities for beginners looking to surf smaller waves in False Bay, as well as more experienced surfers looking to catch massive waves in Cape Horn. Overall, Cape Town provides a unique and exciting surfing experience that is unmatched in other parts of the world. Show more

Is surfing in Cape Town limited to certain seasons?

Although Cape Town has a great year-round climate, the best time to surf is during the winter months from June to August, when waves in Cape Horn are at their peak. However, surfers can still surf in False Bay all year round as it has a more consistent wave supply. It is important to check weather forecasts before heading to the beach as the ocean conditions may vary and affect your surfing experience. Show more

Where in Cape Town can surfers find warmer water?

Surfers searching for warmer waters in Cape Town can find them in False Bay. During summer, the warm water is a few degrees higher than that of Cape Horn. False Bay is perfect for new surfers starting out in the sport. But, for those looking for a more challenging experience, the cold waters, and strong waves produced by the antarctic currents of Cape Horn will definitely provide an exhilarating experience. Show more

When is the peak season for surfing in Cape Town?

The winter months between June and August offer the best surfing experience for experienced surfers in Cape Town. The cold water and strong currents of Cape Horn make the waves ideal for an intense ride. Conversely, False Bay provides suitable waves all year round for beginner surfers. Do expect crowds during peak season, which can be a downside. Checking weather conditions before going is advisable. Show more

What distinguishes surfing in False Bay from Cape Horn?

False Bay and Cape Horn have definite distinctions when it comes to surfing. False Bay has a calm surfing environment with waves fit for new surfers. On the other hand, Cape Horn's surging antiartic currents and massive, powerful waves provide a challenging and exhilarating experience for experienced surfers. Ultimately, False Bay offers beginners an opportunity to learn the sport without feeling overwhelmed, while Cape Horn has waves that suit those seeking an adrenaline rush. Show more

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