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Elderflowers in England

Native to Britain, elder trees steeped in mystery and superstition were even referred to as a panacea: it's believed that the elderflower prolongs life!

Best time: June


The flowering of elder trees in England is a sign that summer has come, the most beautiful season in the country. In ancient times, it was believed that this tree repelled evil spirits. But now the flowers of the elder tree are used in preparing wonderful lemonades, wines, vinegar, and confitures; expert chefs even fry them in cheese batter and add as spices.

Elderflower water is a great flower lemonade, natural and without sweeteners. The taste is very difficult to describe, one can say it has a blooming freshness of the summer glade. This is the drink of a true lady! Englishmen also make a delicious aromatic wine from elderflowers. For several centuries there has been a society of wine lovers making it from the black elderberry. Ederflower infusion has been used in domestic medicine as a good old-fashioned remedy for colds and throat trouble. In the Middle Ages, elderberries were used as a dye for fabrics and hair.

Practical info

When can you spot Elderflowers in England?

Elderflowers bloom in June in England and give off a sweet fragrance that fills the air. Depending on the weather of the region, July and August are considered to be the months with the most fruitful elderberry harvests. June is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty and aroma of elderflowers in England. Show more

What are some recommended places to find Elderflowers in England?

Elderflowers look beautiful and can be found all around England near hedgerows and in the countryside during summer months. Parks and gardens also plant elderflower trees, which could also have elderflowers. Some of the recommended places to spot them are South Downs National Park, North Downs Way, and Stourhead Gardens. Show more

What are some culinary uses of Elderflowers that are typical in English cuisine?

Elderflowers are a popular summer ingredient in various English culinary preparations. Elderflower cordial is a sweet syrup added to mocktails, cocktails, and desserts. Infused elderflower water is a common ingredient in summer refreshments. Sweet and savory fritters or pancakes are also typical English preparations made using elderflowers. Elderberries, which are a rich source of vitamin C, are used to make jams or dried and used as tea. Show more

What is Elderflower Water and why is it so popular in England?

Elderflower Water is a natural, unsweetened drink that is popular in England during summers. It has a unique, refreshing taste that comes from the infusion of elderflowers. It does not contain any preservatives or artificial additives, making it quite healthy. Besides, it is also a popular ingredient in many cocktails and alcoholic beverages served across many bars in England. Show more

What is the historical significance of Elderflowers beyond their culinary uses?

According to English folklore and traditional medicine, elderflowers have various historical significance. Elderflowers have antiviral, immune-stimulating, and anti-inflammatory properties that make them suitable for managing respiratory infections. Moreover, elderflowers have had a role in ritual uses in England's folklore. It was believed that the elder tree was a guardian spirit that shielded them from evil forces. Elderwood as a walking stick was believed to give special protection against witches and dragons. Show more

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