Best season to travel to New Zealand

Rock Lobsters

Lobster meat is destinguished by sweet flavour that makes your mouth water

Best time: mid-May–March

Rock Lobsters

Sweet-flavoured lobster meat is one of the favourite seafood in New Zealand. Rock Lobsters are abundant in the rocky reefs along New Zealand's coastline and offshore islands. Locals call them crayfish, although this name is usually applied to the species living in fresh waters. There are two common species of rock lobsters found in New Zealand. Green or packhorse rock lobster is the world's largest species of rock lobster. They are 60 cm long and weight 15 kg. Red or spiny rock lobster is a bit less, about 54 cm long, and as heavy as 8 kg. During daytime lobsters remain in the rock crevices, and at night they leave their shelters in search for food. Rock lobsters are caught year round, except their moulting period from March to mid-May, when the crayfish are particularly vulnerable to predators, thus they are not allowed to be caught for commercial purposes. The Chatham Islands​ are known as the only place with official close lobster season from March to April.

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