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Aguinid Falls in Philippines

A system of waterfalls with green rocks and turquoise water is a popular spot for photos

Best time: December–June | July–October

Aguinid Falls
Aguinid Falls
Aguinid Falls
Aguinid Falls

Aguinid Falls is one of the natural wonders of the Philippines. Located in the municipality of Samboan, 150 km from Cebu City, it is definitely a perfect isolated and romantic getaway. Aguinid Falls consists of several tiered waterfalls that run for a few kilometres along the Tangbo River. It is also known for its green rock formations and turquoise waters which add to the mystic and enchanting atmosphere.

The colour of the water is explained by the fact that the Tangbo River is rich in calcium. To see the falls, visitors have to do some climbing through its several levels, which means that they inevitably get wet, so make sure you wear something appropriate. Cebu area also has another popular site—Kawasan Falls, just an hour drive away. Even though it is larger, many visitors prefer Aguinid Falls for its beauty and charm.

There're two best times to visit Aguinid Falls. The first is July to October when the waterfall is full, and the flow is in full blast. However, this season is not the safest one for climbing. Thus, the second, more prudent version is the dry season, from December to June. The final decision is up to you.

Practical info

What makes Aguinid Falls different from other waterfalls in the area?

Aguinid Falls has remarkable green rock formations, and its water is turquoise with calcium-rich Tangbo River. Furthermore, it has multiple tiered waterfalls along the Tangbo River which makes for an unforgettable hiking experience. Visitors will find Aguinid Falls mystical and fantastic due to its exotic beauty. Show more

What is the process to access all the levels of the falls?

Getting to the top tiers of Aguinid Falls requires climbing through several levels, the time for which depends on a visitor's ability and ways. Wearing suitable clothes and bringing water-resistant gear is essential to ensure safety while hiking to reach the different levels of this waterfall. The path is demanding, visitors might get wet and slippery, so they should walk carefully. Show more

Is swimming permitted in the turquoise water at Aguinid Falls?

Aguinid Falls has a vast pool at the foot of the waterfall where visitors can swim, float or just relax, admiring the serene environment and the stunning view of the green rock formations and lush greenery. Visitors are advised to swim with caution as the currents can be strong. But the opportunity to swim in Aguinid Falls' turquoise water is worth the risk as it is an unforgettable experience that visitors should not miss. Show more

What is the ideal time of year for visitors looking to visit Aguinid Falls?

The dry season, from December to June, is considered the best time to visit Aguinid Falls for a safe climbing experience. During these months, visitors can safely climb up to the top level and explore the waterfall with minimal risk, as the strong current is not a concern. Moreover, if visitors want to experience the waterfall in full flow, they should go between July to October, but take extra precautions as it might be difficult and risky. Show more

How long does it take to travel to Aguinid Falls from Cebu City?

The distance from Cebu City to Samboan, location of Aguinid Falls, is approximately 150 km and travel time is around three hours. Travel time may depend on traffic, transportation mode, and the itinerary. Visitors can avail themselves of local transportation such as buses, taxis, and vans. It is advisable to research and be mindful of budget and negotiate with the service provider for expenses. Show more

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