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Blooming Season in Seville 2025

Magical time when the city is covered with flowers

Best time: May–June

Blooming Season
Blooming Season
Blooming Season

Walking around Seville in spring is one of the most wonderful experiences in southern Spain. At that great time the city is full of flowers and aroma. You can find a lot of gardens where the flowers are out in full bloom. Parque Maria Luisa is one of them. You can observe amazing views and feed the doves. Fountains, canals, sculptures, and ponds look the most romantic when they are decorated with flowers. Another great place is Real Alcazar Palace where you can see the beautiful flowers amongst the architecture of the old Moorish fort. Also, don't miss a chance to watch the beauty of the gardens from the palace balconies.

The best time to visit Seville gardens is late spring and early summer. In May, flowers are in full bloom, and there are a millions of them. In June, the purple of the jacaranda erupts for a couple of weeks, a blaze of glory to finish the season of natural beauty.

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When should individuals visit Seville to observe the blooming season?

The blooming season in Seville is observable from late spring to early summer. The highest point is in late May and early June, when millions of flowers blossom. Seville's natural beauty should not be missed during this time of year, as jacaranda flowers usually bloom for two weeks in June. Show more

What are Seville's recommended places to see flowers during the blossoming season?

Several beautiful gardens across Seville bloom in spring and summer, with Parque Maria Luisa and Alcazar Palace being two top destinations that display attractive fountains, sculptures, and ponds. Further blooms of flowers can be witnessed in the Jardines del Guadalquivir and the Jardines de la Buhaira. Besides the architectural decorations and fragrant air, the gardens provide stunning views of the flower-filled locale. Show more

What species of flowers can be witnessed in Seville during the blooming season?

Throughout Seville in the blooming season, a wide range of flowers, including bougainvillea, roses, geraniums, jasmines, lavender, and orange blossoms bloom in stunning displays. However, jacaranda is most famous for its distinctive purple blooms covering the city's streets in June. Don't miss seeing these brilliantly-colored displays. Show more

Are there any celebrated events or festivals in Seville during the blooming season?

Although not precisely during the blooming season, the La Feria de Abril or April Fair is a major event that Seville celebrates. It normally takes place two weeks after Easter and is best known for its flamenco dancing, bullfighting shows, music, and gastronomy. The city cherishes celebrations and festivals, and this event is one of the most important. Visitors can take advantage of this brilliant experience despite the month it takes place not being amid the blooming season. Show more

What other activities can be done in Seville during the bloom season besides visiting gardens?

Seville provides a lovely atmosphere during the blooming season. Besides visiting gardens, cycling, or taking walking tours in the city is an excellent way to explore and get up-close with the flowers' beauty. A boat trip on the Guadalquivir River allows for a relaxing and beautiful view of the scenic city. Seville's food culture is worth experiencing since a walking food tour allows for a greater perspective on the city's traditions. A trip to Seville would not be complete without viewing Flamenco shows and attending Sevilla FC football matches. Show more

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