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Best time to travel to Estonia


Wonderful wildflowers cover Estonia's landscape in spring and summer

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Estonia's rich soil is bestrewn by various species of wildflowers. Starting from early March in meadows, forests, and parks you can find thousands of signs of spring. Among them Liverleaf, Wood Anemone, Wonder Violet, Dwarf Milkwort, Cuckoo Flower, and many others. Dry meadows are full of Kidney Vetch, Bird’s Eye Primroses, and Globe Flowers. In May you will be able to see orchids, such as the Military Orchid, Early Purple Orchid, Fly Orchid, Lady’s Slip-per, etc. Bog Rosemary, Labrador Tea and Cranberry can be found in full bloom in Estonian bogs.

The peak of wild plants and flowers bloom in June and July. In coastal areas, you can find Swallow Wort, Herb Robert, and Woolly Milk Vetch. You can see meadows covered by Danzig Vetch, Smooth Tare, and Wood Vetch. Orchid species at this time are represented by Marsh Helleborine, Broad-leaved Helleborine, Dark-red Helleborine, Musk Orchid, and Bog Twayblade. Estonia's forest beauty is captured by Twinflower, Green-flowered Wintergreen, and One-flowered Wintergreen. In bogs, you can see Cloudberry, Bladderwort, Sundew and Alpine Butterwort. If you like picking wild flowers or just observing their beautiful blossom, summer is the best time to come.

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