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New Year's Eve

Escape a cold and nasty New Year's Eve in one of Myanmar's summery celebration spots


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Snowy New Year can definitely get boring (especially if it's the only type you've had your whole life). If you don't feel like building a snowman, eating the traditional black-eyed peas, and watching the ball drop this New Year, this article is for you.

Sunny Myanmar has plenty of things to offer—and it's not just their paradisal climate. So here is our list of top Myanmarese places to ring in the New Year.


We're starting out with Myanmar's largest city. Yangon is Britain's former colonial capital, so it can boast a great deal of British architectural masterpieces. Plus, the city successfully combines the English charm with Buddhist motives. A terrific example of this European-Asian union is Kandawgyi Park, where people can socialize, take a long walk, or watch NY firework shows as midnight approaches.

But if you're not a fan of celebrating NYE in nature, that's also okay. Be sure to check out Yangon's best rooftop bars or visit the locals' favorite— Minder Grounds soccer field. There, you can take part in the countdown event, enjoy famous singers' performances on stage, or shop for authentic foods and souvenirs at the local market.


Pagodas generally are multi-tiered Buddhist temples, and they're a perfect place to literally ring in the New Year. The most popular pagoda is Shwedagon, but feel free to check out other locations.

Bells placed in these temples are a big deal in Myanmar. The Myanmarese give the bells much credit and use them both daily and on special occasions (like New Year's Eve). Once the clock rings 12, people can engage in any kind of activity, like praying or striking the bell with a piece of wood. In general, celebrating NYE in a pagoda is probably the most local and native way to welcome the New Year in Myanmar. So ding dong!


Taunggyi is the largest city of Myanmar's Shan state and an epicenter of the craziest NYE celebrations, so party animals are most welcome here. And while Taunggyi residents also like to gaze at flaming fireworks from rooftop restaurants, they don't limit their NYE celebration to just these. Visitors are also invited to relish customary dance shows, traditional Myanmarese meals, and even themed masquerade balls. So pack your shiniest suits and dresses.


Formerly Myanmar's royal capital and now the second-largest city in the country, Mandalay indeed has some sights in store for you. The plentitude of ancient monasteries and pagodas make it one of Myanmar's most religious cities. In other words, Mandalay is an ideal spot for travelers seeking a spiritual rather than loud experience. The best locations around the Mandalay area are Mount Popa and Mandalay Hill. So when planning your trip to this religious hub, get ready for a lot of praying, climbing, and self-reflecting.

Mergui Archipelago

If you don't exactly love the idea of ushering in the new year in one of the bustling mega-cities above, check out the tropical Mergui Archipelago. The area boasts hundreds of picturesque islands, some of which are entirely deserted. So why not choose one of them and celebrate New Year's Eve there? That's right. Set up a nice bonfire, grab your favorite meals and drinks, and dance the night away with your closest people. And remember: you're on an isolated island, so pick up a couple of fireworks to throw a show just for yourself.

Thuwanabumi Event Park

In Thuwunnabumi Event Park, you can participate in various New Year-related activities, including dancing, singing, and watching famous live performances. This is also where the biggest countdown party takes place, so this park will undoubtedly make you feel like a part of the local community.

Thanks to Myanmar's warm climate, your NYE experience in the country will be unforgettable no matter where you go (on average, it's around 80 °F (25 °C) during wintertime). So remember to book a stay in advance (explore the options on the map below) and see External Resources for any additional info.