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Surfing Atlantic in Portugal

Portugal is one of the finest Europe's surfing destinations

Surfing Atlantic
Surfing Atlantic
Surfing Atlantic

Portugal is happily situated on the Atlantic ocean which makes it a dream place for surfers. You do not need to go far lands to ride significant waves. All you need here is a car and a little spirit. The coastline of 1,793 km is full of open beach break​ and concealed bays. The best waves are from late winter to early sprin​g.

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What are some other popular surfing spots in Portugal apart from the Atlantic Coast?

Portugal boasts several scenic surfing destinations besides the Atlantic coastline. Ericeira is a charming fishing village that serves as a surfer's paradise. For those looking for ideal waves and a laid-back vibe, the lovely town of Peniche is the place to go. The Algarve is a much-loved spot for surfing tourists who relish the temperate climate and tamer waves. Show more

Are the waves in Portugal too difficult for beginner surfers?

Surfers of all levels, including novices, can enjoy excellent surfing experiences in Portugal. The country boasts great weather and waves, as well as welcoming locals and scenic surf communities. Instructors can provide newcomers with guidance to learn surfing in gentle waves at uncrowded locations to minimize conflict with skilled surfers. Show more

What is the best time for a visit to Portugal for surfing away from the crowds?

The prime surfing season in Portugal runs from November to February, with peak waves. Surfing enthusiasts seeking to avoid the crowds may opt for less crowded months, such as March to May or September to November. In the summer, the beaches get crowded with tourists. Some surfing spots, such as Porto and its environs, remain less crowded, even at peak times. Show more

Where can I rent surfing gear and find surfing lessons in Portugal?

Equipment rental for surfing and surfing lessons are prevalent in Portugal, particularly in surf towns. There are even online rental shops for surf gear and boards. SurfSchool Portugal and Blue Ocean Surf School offer courses for beginners to advanced-level surfers. They also assist surfers in selecting appropriate waves corresponding to their skill level. Show more

What are some of the more secluded surfing destinations in Portugal, away from the popular spots?

Portugal has several secluded surfing destinations for surfers seeking less crowded spots. Sagres, located close to Portugal's southwestern point, is a little-known, excellent place for surfing. With smaller crowds, the waves are quieter and less hazardous. Un-crowded surfing spots like Sines, Sesimbra, and Viana do Castelo offer a peaceful and novel surfing ambiance. Show more

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