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Aqaba Diving in Jordan

Colourful underwater critters roaming among coral gardens and shipwrecks ensure a mesmerizing diving adventure

Aqaba Diving
Aqaba Diving
Aqaba Diving

The amusing underwater life of the Red Sea combined with year-round warm temperatures and excellent visibility up to 40 meters make Jordan a great diving destination. Despite the only access to the sea being the Aqaba coastline, the area boasts 25 diving sites, which is enough to meet the needs of any tourist. While exploring submerged canyons, coral gardens, pinnacles, and shipwrecks​ you can encounter an endless variety of marine creatures including massive eagle rays and sting rays, cute turtles, pipefish, frogfish, nudibranchs, shrimp, and others. Winter is not very good for diving due to strong winds that stir up the waters and worsen the visibility. March to April faces a similar issue due to plankton blooms, and Jordanian summer is renowned for unbearable temperatures, so the best season is May to June and September through October.

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What are some diving spots worth visiting in Jordan's Aqaba?

Jordan's Aqaba has 25 dive sites with rich marine diversity, and some really cool sites to try are Cedar Pride Wreck, Power Station Dive, Tala Bay Coral Gardens, Black Rock, and the Tank. Show more

Are there any recommended times to head to Aqaba for optimal weather and diving?

Aqaba is best visited during May-June or September-October, when the visibility averages 40m, the water is warm, and you have ideal diving conditions to enjoy. The winter season sees strong winds, spring has plankton blooms, and summer can get pretty hot, so these months may not offer the best diving experiences. Show more

What kind of aquatic life inhabits Aqaba for divers to discover?

Discovering the underwater fauna in Aqaba is an amazing experience, as you get to see an endless variety of aquatic creatures such as eagle rays, stingrays, turtles, pipefish, frogfish, nudibranchs, shrimp, and many others. Many unique species reside in the Red Sea area, and Aqaba in particular boasts a wealth of colorful underwater critters swimming among shipwrecks and coral gardens. Show more

Where can diving gear be rented close to Aqaba?

While planning to go diving in Aqaba, you can rent gear from many shops in the area. Among the popular and reliable providers are Dive Aqaba, Sea Guard, and Deep-Six Divers, and the equipment available ranges from masks to wetsuits to tanks. Rental rates are fair and reasonable for the gear used. Show more

Are there any specific requirements to keep in mind before diving in Aqaba, Jordan?

Diving in Aqaba requires no specific permissions but diving with a local guide is recommended. For training, professional training centers are available in Aqaba, offering a range of comprehensive dive courses depending on your dive qualifications, experience and depth preference. To dive deeper than 30m, you need advanced certification. Keep in mind that following appropriate procedures, such as avoiding touching marine life or harming coral, is mandatory by law. Overall, prioritizing safety is crucial while diving. Show more

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