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State Fair of West Virginia 2024

One of the best family traditions taking place in mid-August

Dates: August 8–17, 2024

State Fair of West Virginia
State Fair of West Virginia

The State Fair of West Virginia is an annual event that occurs in mid-August in Fairlea, near Lewisburg, West Virginia. The fair is known for its rich blend of agricultural showcases, thrilling rides, live entertainment, and diverse food offerings. From agricultural displays to culinary contests, the fair offers something for everyone.


Each night, the fair features live concerts at the Grandstand, offering attendees a wide range of musical experiences. Highlights include the Turnpike Troubadours with The Band of Heathens on August 9, Lil Jon on August 10, and Charles Wesley Godwin with Muscadine Bloodline on August 12. Other notable performances include Seether on August 13 and Jimmy Fortune on August 15. Concerts usually start around sunset (7-8 pm), creating a magical evening atmosphere.

Livestock Shows and Competitions

One of the fair's main highlights is its livestock exhibitions, held at the Southern States Large Stock Arena and Tractor Supply Small Stock Arena. Visitors can expect to see a variety of animals, including cows, horses, sheep, pigs, and rabbits. Notable events include the Draft Horse Pulls, where teams of horses demonstrate their strength, and the Best Dressed Cow Contest, which adds a touch of humor to the fair. The Arts & Garden Competitions provide a platform for showcasing creativity and horticultural skills.

Carnival Rides

Reithoffer Shows, a long-standing partner of the fair, provides a wide array of carnival rides suitable for all ages. Families can enjoy gentle kiddie rides, while thrill-seekers can experience more intense rides like the Tornado, Zipper, and Ring of Fire. The carnival atmosphere is perfect for creating lasting memories with loved ones.

Free Entertainment Schedule

Free entertainment options include the DL Weatherhead TimberWorks Lumberjack Show, where lumberjacks compete in events such as log rolling, cross-cut sawing, axe throwing, and speed pole climbing. The Live Shark Encounter provides an educational and thrilling experience, featuring a diver swimming with sharks in a specially designed aquarium. For a more serene experience, the Butterfly Encounter allows visitors to interact with 200-300 butterflies while learning about their life cycle. The Hot Glass Academy offers daily glassblowing demonstrations near Gate 5 and the Large Stock Arena. On August 16, the Draft Horse Pull at the Grandstand showcases the incredible strength and skill of mighty horses. Lastly, Catherine Hickland's Comedy Hypnosis Show promises family-friendly laughter, where you can either see the show or be part of it, watching friends and family do the unimaginable.

Culinary Delights

The fair is renowned for its extensive variety of fried foods, earning it the nickname "West Virginia Fried Food Capital." Attendees can enjoy classic fair foods like corn dogs and spiral fries, available at various stands throughout the fairgrounds. Long-time vendors like Ben Ellen Donuts and Trudy's Dairy World offer beloved treats like cinnamon-sugar cider donuts and homemade ice cream. Cattleman's Steak Sandwich and Billy Bob's are must-try spots for those with savory moods. Pizza lovers can head to Belt's Pizza or Gillette's Pizza. Additionally, the New Fair Food Contest showcases innovative culinary creations, allowing visitors to vote for their favorite new dish.


General admission to the fair is $9.43 for adults, while the Mega Pass, offering admission and ride access for a day, is available for $30. While some entertainment acts are free, additional tickets may be required for certain shows. Concert ticket prices range from $10 to $75. Tickets can be purchased online or at the fairgrounds.


The first recorded fair in the Greenbrier Valley, Virginia, took place on August 29, 1854, and was organized by the Greenbrier Agricultural Society. The event featured a display of agricultural accomplishments, attracting entries of livestock, produce, and household items from local farms. Over the years, the fair grew in popularity, showcasing a variety of categories such as cattle, horses, agricultural implements, and domestic manufactures.

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