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Las Turbas de Cuenca (Camino del Calvario) 2023

Las Turbas is the most popular traditional procession taking place during the Holy Week in Cuenca

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Las Turbas Procession or Camino del Calvario is a part of the Holy Week celebration in Cuenca, a city in the autonomous community of Castile–La Mancha in central Spain.

Historically, this procession was dedicated to Jesus' way to Calvary. All participants are dressed in religious fraternity gowns and march to the sounds of drums, which are beaten by thousands of people at the same time. The procession starts and ends in one spot—the Church of Our Savior (Iglesia del Salvador). Officially, only those who are members of a fraternity may take part in the event. Without a doubt, this is one of Spain's most ancient and original celebrations.

The main highlight of the Holy Week takes place in the early morning on the Good Friday.

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