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Frozen Waterfalls in Estonia

Be amazed by the beauty of frozen water

Best time: December–February

Frozen Waterfalls
Frozen Waterfalls
Frozen Waterfalls
Frozen Waterfalls
Frozen Waterfalls
Frozen Waterfalls
Frozen Waterfalls

If you appreciate the beauty of nature, love the sound of falling water, and admire waterfalls, visit Estonia in winter to see a frozen waterfall. The water is reminiscent of ice sculptures with various icicles forming amazing figures. The most striking places to go are Valaste Waterfall and Jagala Waterfall. The first one, Valaste Waterfall, is the highest in Estonia. It is 30.5 m high. Jagala Waterfall is approximately 8 m high and 50 m wide, which is the widest in Estonia. In winter, when the water freezes, it creates an ice wall with large icicles. Both places are ideal for making beautiful pictures, very popular among tourists, and really worth seeing.

Practical info

When should one plan to visit Estonian frozen waterfalls?

Estonian frozen waterfalls are best viewed from December to February, when the weather is sub-zero, and the flowing water freezes into beautiful sculptures of ice. The frozen structures reach maximum visual impact during these months, offering visitors excellent views of the waterfalls in their most extraordinary state. Show more

Which waterfalls are the most popular in Estonia?

Valaste Waterfall and Jagala Waterfall are two of the most popular frozen waterfalls in Estonia. Valaste Waterfall is the country's tallest waterfall, and Jagala is the widest, making them perfect backdrops for stunning photographs. Although Estonia is home to several frozen waterfalls, Valaste and Jagala are the most frequently visited and easily accessible. Show more

What is the height of Valaste Waterfall?

At 30.5 meters tall, Valaste Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Estonia. During the winter, when it freezes, it transforms into an icy work of art with beautifully carved shapes that create a stunning visual display. Visitors can take a walk around this attraction to capture its beauty and take photos, making it one of Estonia's major winter season attractions. Show more

What is the width of Jagala Waterfall in winter?

During the winter season, Jagala Waterfall is an incredible icy wall that stretches over its entire 50-meter width. The waterfall is the country's widest and most water-rich, standing roughly 8 meters tall. Witnessing this beautiful creation provides breathtaking photographic opportunities for visitors while experiencing the natural beauty of Estonia. Show more

What ice formations are unique to Estonian waterfalls in winter season?

Estonian waterfalls offer visitors amazing ice sculptures of various types and shapes during the winter season. The frozen elements merge with the rocks, forming pillars of ice, curtains of ice, and other vertical and unusual ice formations. The frozen waterfalls provide amazing backdrops for photographs with stunning natural beauty in the form of ice sculptures that are a must-see during the winter season. Show more

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