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Cascadas del Hueznar in Seville

Cool down by these refreshing waterfalls during the hottest season

Best time: May–August

Cascadas del Hueznar
Cascadas del Hueznar

The outskirts of Seville are rich in natural beauty. Not far from the city you can find a few beautiful waterfalls. The Hueznar waterfalls were declared a Monument of Natural interest in 2001. This area is not on a typical tourist route and can be easily overlooked. There are little paths that lead you closer to an exact waterfall. Sure, the scenery around is marvelous and quiet. This is your perfect place for a small picnic with friends or family. Also, you can swim in the river.

The perfect time to visit this place is summer as it is the most suitable season for a swim in Hueznar river which has a few popular beach spots. In the summer even locals escape to the cold water of the waterfalls in order to hide from the heat. Besides, it takes a while to hike to the spot, so summer days are long enough to enjoy the walk without rush.

Practical info

When is the ideal season to visit Cascadas del Hueznar?

The prime season to visit Cascadas del Hueznar is during summer. The waterfalls are often crowded with locals and tourists trying to beat the heat by swimming in the river. This generally occurs from May to August. Additionally, in this season, visitors can take advantage of the long summer days for hiking and enjoy a lovely picnic near the waterfalls. Show more

What's the proximity of Hueznar River from Seville?

Hueznar River is situated in the periphery of Seville and is conveniently reached by public transportation or car. Visiting the town of Cazalla de la Sierra is an excellent starting point. Once in Cazalla de la Sierra, tourists can hike to the waterfalls, and the entire path shows off the beautiful natural landscape. Show more

Is Cascadas del Hueznar readily accessible without hiking?

Visitors must hike to Cascadas del Hueznar because the waterfalls aren't easily accessible. From the hiking trails to the waterfall, it takes about an hour. Nonetheless, the climbing route is not complicated or challenging; tourists must wear comfortable shoes and carry water, snacks. The hike trail offers stunning views of the waterfalls and the surrounding landscape in every season. Show more

Can tourists swim in Hueznar river all year round?

Tourists can swim in the Hueznar river all year round, though the best time is during summer. Between May and August, the weather is appropriately hot, and the water temperature is warm, making it an ideal combination for swimming. Be careful while swimming in natural habitats. People should always take extra caution and be vigilant even if it's not summertime. Show more

Where should visitors go if they want to picnic near the waterfalls?

Tourists wishing to picnic near the waterfalls might pick from many lovely locations. The Salto del Fraile, a grassy region near a waterfall, and La Isla, a tiny island surrounded by trees in the middle of the river that provides ample shade, are two of the most well-known. However, tourists should always manage their surroundings, keep the site clean, and litter-free. Show more

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