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King's Highway in Jordan

A scenic road trip from the capital to the Red Sea features mosaic Madaba, the ruins of Shobak Castle, and the ancient Petra

Best time: April–June | September–November

King's Highway
King's Highway
King's Highway

The 335 km long King's Highway is a scenic road that perfectly showcases some of the beautiful landmarks of Jordan. On the way from the capital city of Amman to the Aqaba seaside resort, one can encounter mosaics found in Madaba churches and museums, the ruins of the 12th century Shobak Castle towering 1,300 m above sea level, and the ancient city of Petra. The best time for this sce​nic road trip is April through June and September to November as these months are perfectly temperate.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Jordan for the King's Highway Road trip?

The most recommended time to embark on a King's Highway road trip is between April-June or September-November, when the weather is mild and comfortable for traveling. This period provides a chance for travelers to relax and relish the picturesque views while exploring the ancient landmarks on the way. Show more

Where are the Madaba mosaics located along the King's Highway?

The historic Madaba mosaics are located in the ancient city of Madaba, which is a famous spot on the King's Highway. The mosaic collection found on the churches, museums, public squares, and private houses that portrays biblical stories is one of Madaba's many attractions. The mosaic collection's most striking feature is the 6th-century map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Show more

What is the history behind the Shobak Castle ruins?

Shobak Castle was a significant stronghold for the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem in the 12th century. While its ruins have remained since the Crusaders' departure in 1120, the castle has a mixed history due to the Crusader and Muslim forces' alternating victories in the area. This situation caused the area to undergo multiple occupations and restore the castle several times. Show more

When was Petra built and by whom?

Petra, which is suspected to have been occupied during prehistoric times, was established officially in the 6th century B.C., by the Nabateans. Despite its glory days, Petra gradually lost its significance and succumbed to abandonment and sand until its rediscovery by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in 1812. For centuries, Petra has remained significant for its remarkable architectural wonders and for being a popular movie location. Show more

Where can you find traditional Jordanian cuisine along the King's Highway?

The King's Highway boasts of several spots that offer traditional Jordanian cuisine; however, the best places mostly run by locals or accessible through food vans called 'malamat.' Local delicacies like Shawarma, a fast-food wrap that consists of marinated beef, chicken, turkey, or lamb filled with vegetables are highly recommended. Musakhan, another Jordanian dish made of sumac-marinated chicken, onions, and pine nuts, is also an excellent food item to try. Show more

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