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Kayaking in Croatia

A great way to explore Croatian costline

Best time: April–November


Both river and sea kayaking are on the rise in Croatia. Now it's actually possible to explore the entire coastline on a kayak. After some training, even the beginners can master necessary techniques and see some of Croatia's most famous landmarks from a​ kayak. Dubrovnik and Rovinj are the most well-known sites for sea kayaking.

Practical info

When is the best time to go kayaking in Croatia?

From April to November, when Croatia's weather is warm and waters are calm, is the best time to go kayaking. Less rainfall during these months makes the waters easier to navigate and safer. Show more

Where are the best places for sea kayaking in Croatia?

The Lim Fjord with its crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery in Rovinj, and Dubrovnik, where kayakers can paddle around the city walls, are the most popular sea kayaking spots in Croatia. Kayaking in Kornati Islands, Elaphiti Islands and other locations is also recommended. Show more

What landmarks and attractions can be seen while kayaking in Croatia?

The stunning coastline and landmarks can be explored with Kayaking in Croatia. Dubrovnik's city walls, secluded Kornati Islands, and Mljet Island's national park are some landmarks that can be enjoyed. Kayakers can watch marine life such as dolphins and sea turtles from up close or explore hidden beaches and caves. Show more

How long does it typically take to learn the necessary kayaking techniques?

Depending on individual aptitude and experience, the time it takes to learn kayaking techniques can vary. Beginners can enroll in courses and guided tours offered along the coast. With diligent practice, beginners can master the basics of sea kayaking within a week as most courses take two to three hours per day, lasting for several days. Show more

Are there any safety precautions to take while kayaking in Croatia?

Kayaking in Croatia can be fun and safe, but it's important to keep some safety precautions in mind. Wearing a life vest, using sunscreen, and staying close to the shore are some of them. Monitoring weather forecasts and avoiding kayaking in rough waters or strong currents is crucial for safety. Show more

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