Alkmaar Cheese Market, The Netherlands

March 31–September 29, 2017 • activity

No country is as famous with its cheese as the Netherlands is! Don't miss your chance to try out all the different cheeses available regionally in one place now

in 5 days

Hillwalking or Munro Bagging, Scotland

April–October  • activity

To become a "completer" you have to bag not less than 284 Munros

in 6 days

Geamăna Village Drowned in Copper Lake, Romania

April–August • activity

You do not want to drink from the huge multicoloured lake overflowing Geamana, unless life is too boring for you

in 7 days

Fishing, Austria

April–October • activity

Breathe fresh mountain air and enjoy fishing in clear waters of mountain rivers

in 7 days

Mountain Biking in Algarve, Portugal

April–October • activity

One of the top 50 places for bicycle ride in the world

in 7 days

Fishing at Lake Itasy, Madagascar

April–November • activity

Lake Itasy surrounded with volcanic landscapes is a dream of every fisherman

in 7 days

Inca Trail High Season, Machu Picchu and Cusco

April–October  • activity

One of the most popular trails in the world offers you stunning landscapes, natural beauties and ancient civilization’s ruins

in 7 days

Kayaking, Croatia

April–November • activity

A great way to explore Croatian costline

in 7 days

Mountain Biking, Austria

April–November • activity

Start your cycling adventure in Alps.

in 7 days

Hiking Mauna Kea, Hawaii

April–November • activity

Do you want to climb the world's highest mountain?

in 7 days

Wet Monday, Lviv

April 16, 2017 • event

​You heard of water fights at Songkran, Thailand, and you definitely saw your neighbour's kids splashing water in the summer. But Wet Monday is nothing you have seen so far!

in 21 days

Float the Amazon, Bolivia

May–October • activity

The waters of the Amazon river surprise with pink dolphins and the banks reveal splendid jungle abounding with birds and mammals

in 37 days

5 Fingers in Dachstein Salzkammergut, Austria

May–October • nature

An extraordinary platform opens a world of amazing views

in 37 days

Green Lake Park, Austria

May–July • activity

Visit Styria during spring to see how a park turns into a lake

in 37 days

Fishing Blue Marlin, Madeira

May–September • activity

Blue Marlin is the most desirable game for anglers

in 37 days

Mocăniţa Steam Train, Romania

May–October • activity

Europe's last steam-powered forestry train invites you on a vintage trip across the Vaser Valley in the Maramures Mountains​

in 37 days

Fishing Trout, Georgia

May–September • activity

Georgia is well-known for its trout and other fish. It is definitely one of the top ​fishing destinations

in 37 days

Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

May–October • nature

These ancient ruins are the only remnants of a more severe Bolivian past when death was the verdict for those accused of lies, laziness, or theft

in 37 days

Сycling and Motorbiking, Bolivia

May–October • activity

There's no better way to enjoy the scenery of Bolivia than on two wheels!

in 37 days

Train Cemetery, Bolivia

May–October • activity

Abandoned, disassembled, and covered with graffiti these trains resemble toys of a giant naughty child

in 37 days

Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria

May–October • activity

Experience the curves of the highest road in Austria with great views

in 37 days

Gosau Lake Diving, Austria

May–October • activity

Experience diving and other water activities at Lake Gosau in Salzkammergut

in 37 days

Walk the Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia

May–October • nature

It's easy to explore the world's largest salt flats during the dry season

in 37 days

Lake Holidays Season, Austria

May–September • nature

Enjoy summertime on the gorgeous Austrian Riviera

in 37 days

Stone Forest Tsingy de Bemaraha, Madagascar

May–November • nature

Tsingy astonishes with its razor-sharp limestone spires summits as well as its exotic inhabitants

in 37 days

Rafting along the Merced River, Yosemite

late May–July • activity

The stunning landscape of Yosemite makes the perfect setting for the joys of river rafting

in 56 days

The Milky Way, New Zealand

June–August • activity

Millions distant stars of the famous Milky Way paint starry rainbows over New Zealand's sky during winter nights

in 2 months

Stargazing, Yosemite

June–August • nature

Experience the magnificence of the night sky over Yosemite

in 2 months

Exploring Tusheti, Georgia

June–mid-October • activity

Tusheti is one of the most picturesque high-mountain hidden gems of Georgia

in 2 months

Santorini Cherry Tomatoes, Santorini

June–August  • food

A unique summer delight gives you the most tasty food experience

in 2 months

Makepung or Buffalo Races, Bali

June–November  • event

The tradition of buffalo races is a long one in Jembrana

in 2 months

The Death Road (Camino a los Yungas), Bolivia

June–August • activity

If you have the courage to cycle down the formidable frozen Andes into the hot jungles, you will be considered a true hero

in 2 months

Stilt Fishing, Sri Lanka

June–mid-July | late October–mid-December • activity

Once this kind of fishing was inevitable, now it fades as a tradition away

in 2 months

Schiermonnikoog, The Netherlands

June–August • nature

A great summer retreat spot to enjoy walks, hikes and picnics

in 2 months

Transfagarasan Road Trip, Romania

June–September • nature

Fancy riding along serpentine roads with the terrifying views of precipices?

in 2 months

Tubing, Laos

June–September • activity

If you can swim, this should be on the top of your list in Laos

in 2 months

Swimming with Whale Sharks, Cancun

mid-June–August • activity

Who would miss the opportunity to swim and snorkel with these harmless and surprisingly gentle sharks?

in 2 months

Inti Raymi, Machu Picchu and Cusco

June 24 • event

This ancient religious ritual survived till today and represents the most famous festival in Cusco

in 3 months

Independence Day, Madagascar

June 26 • event

“Hira Gasy” or musical presentation of Malagasy folklore – the highlight of the Independence Day celebration

in 3 months

Jerusalem Light Festival, Israel

June 28–July 06, 2017 • event

With thrilling light installations, sound effects, and the overall majesty of the old city, Jerusalem Light Festival will be a highpoint of your visit

in 3 months

Сatfish Fishing Season, Romania

July–September (depends on species) • activity

Try out your fishing luck—the depths of the Danube Delta may conceal a 400 kg catfish

in 3 months

Climbing Mount Fuji, Japan

early July–mid-September  • activity

Climbing Mt Fuji is a truly beautiful experience​!

in 3 months

Trekking to Bolaven Plateau & Tad Fane Waterfall, Laos

July–October • activity

Trekking in the rainforests can be somewhat challenging, but very rewarding with magnificent vistas and untouched nature

in 3 months

Wanaka Snow and Ice Driving, New Zealand

July–August • activity

This is your chance to drive prestigious​ European cars on the most challenging ice and snow surface

in 3 months

Hiking, Georgia

July–mid-September • activity

Georgia offers most spectacular hiking tracks

in 3 months

White Water Rafting, Madagascar

mid-July–mid-February • activity

Madagascan white waters provide excellent routes for novices and experienced rafters

in 3 months

Kandy Esala Perahera, Sri Lanka

July 29–August 07, 2017 • event

Celebrated to pay respect to the Sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha, based in Kandy

in 4 months

Aurora Australis, Tasmania

mid-August–September • nature

Observe beautiful Southern lights, while looking at the beautiful Tasmanian sky

in 4 months

La Tomatina, Valencia

August 30, 2017 • event

The infamous crazy tomato fight you can take part in is the silliest and probably funniest event you may participate in Valencia

in 5 months

Chameleons and Other Reptiles in Algarve, Portugal

September–November • nature

Best place in Europe to see amphibians and reptiles

in 5 months

Fishing, Great Barrier Reef

September–December • activity

One of the most exciting outdoor activity with hundreds of unusual species​ for fishing lovers from around the world

in 5 months

Deers at Zandvoort aan Zee, The Netherlands

September–October • nature

Visit National Park Zuid-Kennemerland now to witness some macho behaviour of deers

in 5 months

Camel Trekking, Morocco

September–February • activity

The one in a lifetime experience that opens up the authentic Moroccan lifestyle

in 5 months

Warachikuy, Machu Picchu and Cusco

September 17, 2017 • event

Inspiring event when young sons of Incas show their strength and overcome different trials by fire

in 5 months

Yom Kippur, Israel

September 29–30, 2017 • event

Streets and roads are empty—the whole country is celebrating Yom Kippur, the holiday of atonement and forgiveness

in 6 months

The Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye, Scotland

October–November  • activity

Emerald-coloured pools possess magic powers that make you dive into the water, no matter how chilly it is

in 6 months

Tsuchiura National Fireworks Competition, Japan

October 07, 2017 • event

One of the last major fireworks shows of the year

in 6 months

Tarragona Human Towers Competition, Barcelona

October 07–08, 2017 (TBC) • event

A spectacular competition of building human towers - something to be seen only in Catalonia

in 6 months

Ma Pi Leng Pass, Vietnam

mid-October–mid-November • activity

One of the four steepest and highest passes in Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng is also the most beautiful one

in 6 months

Cow Racing Festival, Vietnam

October 18–21, 2017 • event

Marking the last day of Khmer year, the festival is dedicated to ancestors and is a mix of solemn peaceful celebration and full of adrenaline festive activities

in 6 months

Hawaiki Nui Va'a, Bora Bora

November 01–03, 2017 • event

The annual event is a great opportunity to experience a canoe competition, as well as other performances that come along

in 7 months

East African Safari Classic Rally, Kenya

November 23–December 01, 2017 • event

The toughest terrain, classical cars, speechless beauty - the rally not to forget!

in 8 months

Christmas Cliff Jumping, Ibiza

December  • activity

Bring your Christmas outfit and festive mood and join the group of jolly Santas jumping from the cliffs

in 8 months

Desert Trekking, Morocco

December–February • activity

There is no need to go to Mars, if you can see it on Earth. Witness the overwhelming magnificence of the Sahara desert

in 8 months

The Rebirth of River Zin, Israel

mid-December–March • nature

Be prepared to watch one of the most menacing natural wonders of Israel

in 8 months

Frozen Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

January–February • nature

Frozen Plitvitce Lakes are called Croatia's natural miracle

in 9 months

Scheveningen New Year’s Dive—Nieuwjaarsduik, The Netherlands

January 01 • activity

A typical Dutch tradition with a chilly turn!

in 9 months

Burning of the Clavie, Scotland

January 11 • event

This Pagan feast may be erased from Gregorian calendar, but not from people'​s minds

in 9 months

Up Helly Aa, Scotland

January 30, 2018 • event

To mark the end of the Yule season, thousands of Vikings traditionally burn the galley with thousands of torches

in 10 months

Horsetail Fall or Firefall, Yosemite

mid-February • nature

For just a few days each year, this waterfall is illuminated by the sun and becomes one of Yosemite’s most amazing spectacles

in 10 months

St. Paddy's Day, Chicago

March 17, 2018 • nature

St. Patrick's Day in Chicago is definitely a party of a lifetime!

in 11 months

Sail Amsterdam, The Netherlands

August 2020 • event

One of the rarest and most remarkable events in Amsterdam!

in 41 months

Chiditarod, Chicago

 • event

Isn't it your lifetime dream to race in a cart of food between the neighbourhood bars?

International Donkey Race, Croatia

 • event

Visitors get a chance to hop on a donkey and speed up in Tisno during the annual donkey race

Envision Festival, Costa Rica

 • event

An annual gathering to promote sustainable development and raise the sense of community


Eel Fishing, Japan

November–mid-April • activity

In order to attract eels, Japanese fishermen use an interesting technique. Check it out for yourself!

Fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica

December–April • activity

Prime time for anglers to experience tropical water fishing

Biking the Desert, Israel

October–April • activity

The Israeli experience that will offer you some sightseeing and sports!

Cherry Blossoms, Japan

late March–late April • nature

The first week of April is the best chance to see Japanese cherry trees in full bloom!

Lake at Salt Flats or Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

November–April • nature

Sky beneath and sky above, eternal peace and infinite beauty—this must be what Heaven looks like

Wombat Watching, Tasmania

September–March • nature

Tasmania's wombats might be your cutest experience on the island. You can trace them by the cubic poop

Tea Harvest, Sri Lanka

January – March • activity

Sri Lanka is well known for its suberb tea production

Cycling in Yosemite Valley, Yosemite

March–November • activity

The absolutely best way to get around Yosemite Valley is by bike

Stargazing, New Zealand

December–April • nature

There is no better stargazing place in the world than South Island, New Zealand, with its perfect views on other galaxies

Snorkelling and Diving, Corsica

March–April • activity

Corsican marine life is rich and diverse attracting both professional and amateur divers

Northern Lights, Iceland

September–mid-April  • nature

A rare and spectacular show with lights ranging from blue to green is one of the most famous reasons to visit Iceland

Trekking Season, Nepal

March–May, September–November • activity

Trekking in Nepal is one of lifetime adventures, since the Himalayan mountains are the highest in the world, and ​nature is unique

Biking, New Zealand

November–April • activity

Amazing trails winding across New Zealand scenic mountainous landscapes seem to be made especially​ for cyclists

Diving with the White Sharks, Cape Town

October–May  • activity

If you are brave enough, diving with sharks may not seem such an insane idea!

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

November–April • nature

No, these lights overhead in the caves are neither stars, nor electric lamps, but actually bioluminescent worms!

Watching World Smallest Penguins, Tasmania

October–April • nature

It is a lifetime experience at the edge of the world

Bamboo Rafting During Dry Season, Thailand

February–May • activity

A slow pace ride on a bamboo raft may be a nice way to explore stunning nature

Hanami Season, Japan

late March–April  • activity

Enjoy the colorful sights of spring blossoms

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

All year (best in November–March) • activity

A unique opportunity to see a volcano at work!

Turtle Watching, Sri Lanka

January–April • activity

There are at least 7 species of sea turtles that hang out on the shores of Sri Lanka to nest

Sport Fishing, Cancun

March–June • activity

Fisherman rejoice! Cancun is a fantastic fishing destination!

Salina Turda Underground Amusement Park, Romania

All year • activity

Romania's special amusement park outdoes Disneyland with its underground lake, stalagmites, and salt deposits

Diving in the West and South West, Sri Lanka

October–May • activity

Close to the capital Colombo you may find some awesome diving spots!

Rugby Haka, New Zealand

mid-February–early August • activity

New Zealand rugby players keep spectators electrified during the entire match starting with vigorous haka cries

Glaciers, Yosemite

All year • nature

Yosemite Glaciers, symbols of the changing world, may disappear completely within just a few decades

Safari Adventure, Kenya

January–March | July–October • activity

Go on safari when there is scarcity of water to see the most of animals at once.

Toboggan Ride, Madeira

December 26–December 31 | January 02–August 13 | August 16–December 24 • activity

According to a legend, Hemingway described Funchal toboggan as "the most exhilarating experience" of his life

Body Board Down the Sand Dunes, New Zealand

November–April • activity

It's like snowboarding, surfing and sledging, yet without snow, water or sledges, just sand dunes and a dose of adrenaline

Sumo, Japan

March 12–26, 2017 | May 14–28, 2017 | July 09–23, 2017 | September 10–24, 2017 | November 12–26, 2017 • event

Check out this famous and ancient Japanese sport in action!

Greater Flamingos, Cyprus

November–March • nature

Take a great selfie with a gorgeous pink greater flamingo

Laguna Verde, Bolivia

November–March • nature

The afternoon sunshine turns this desolate lake into mesmerizing turquoise to emerald colours

Adam's Peak Pilgrimage, Sri Lanka

December –April • activity

The destination for pilgrimages of different religions, Adam's Peak or Sri Pada is surrounded by legends

Luging, New Zealand

November–April • activity

Comfortable gondolas, fast and twisted luge tracks and beautiful sceneries make luging compete with traditional sledding

Kayaking, New Zealand

September–April • activity

A kayak exploration trip ensures a safe and entertaining adventure through New Zealand's hidden nooks

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

October–April • activity

Literally meaning the "Bay of Descending Dragons", this is one of the top tourist destinations in Vietnam

Glacier Ice Caves, Iceland

November–March  • activity

These ice caves will make you wonder if you are in Snow Queen’s kingdom

Conquering Fansipan, Vietnam

mid-October–mid-November | March • activity

Also known as the Roof of Indochina, the Fansipan mountain trek is a challenge, but definitely one of a kind!

Spring and Autumn Surf Season, Hawaii

March–May | September–November • activity

Spring season in Hawaii is a good time to enjoy waves and master your surfing skills