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Heliskiing in Utah

Ride down untouched backcountry with tons of powder at one of Utah's snowiest spots

Utah is famous for its Olympic-class ski resorts and facilities, and it's also one of the few spots in the US where you can try breathtaking heli-ski rides that will take you to places no other skier or snowboarder has set foot.

Snowbird Ski Resort is said to have the longest season in Utah, lasting until late May and sometimes even June! It is also one of the snowiest resorts, receiving over 500 inches (1,270 cm) of powder annually. Heli-skiing rides take place daily departing from heliports at Snowbird and Canyons in Park City. These rides encompass Utah's best skiing and snowboarding destinations: Snowbird, Park City, Alta, and Deer Valley. The heli-skiing is possible in about 100,000 acres (40,000 ha) of the Wasatch Mountains and Uinta National Forest. Some challenging terrain, like chutes, bowls, and meadows, are also available.

The ski season in the Wasatch Mountains usually runs from late November through mid-April. However, Snowbird is open through late May and sometimes even June. The best snow conditions are usually observed in February.

Practical info

When is the best time to go heli-skiing in Utah?

For an unparalleled heli-skiing experience in Utah, head there from late November to mid-April when ski resorts in the Wasatch Mountains offer unspoiled backcountry powder. February is considered the best time to experience the snow at its peak. Heli-skiing is a memorable and unique experience in Utah, so hop on board a ride that suits any level of expert skier or snowboarder. Show more

Where are the heliport locations for heli-skiing in Utah?

Experience Utah's best skiing and snowboarding destinations with access to Snowbird, Park City, Alta, and Deer Valley, from two of Utah's top heliport locations, Snowbird Ski Resort and Canyons in Park City. Daily departures from these sites provide riders with a unique opportunity to explore the beautiful snow terrain of Utah's backcountry, which includes chutes, bowls, and meadows. Show more

What ski resorts can you access with a heli-ski ride in Utah?

Utah's backcountry is ideal for skiing and snowboarding, with four of the state's top ski resorts accessible by heli-ski ride: Park City, Snowbird, Deer Valley, and Alta. Each resort provides an extensive range of ski terrains, suitable for beginners and professionals, and heli-ski rides from the nearby heliports can take riders to the best backcountry powder terrain areas to explore. Heli-skiing in Utah is the perfect opportunity to explore new panoramas and experience new snow terrains. Show more

How much backcountry acreage is available for heli-skiing in Utah?

Utah offers over 100,000 acres of stunning backcountry powder across Wasatch Mountains and Uinta National Forest for your heli-ski adventure. The trip is enjoyable for all proficiency levels, with varied terrain covered by your expert guide or pilot that takes you exploring into the backcountry. During your runs, experience Utah's unmatched beauty and natural landscapes, making your heli-ski ride an unforgettable experience. Show more

What makes Snowbird Ski Resort unique compared to other Utah ski resorts?

Snowbird Ski Resort, by far one of Utah's snowiest resorts, offers more than 500 inches of powder annually. It is a must-visit destination in Utah, with an extended ski season that takes you through late May or June. The resort's heliport provides access to the fantastic vistas of the Wasatch Mountains and the snow terrain. Along with the unique skiing and snowboarding scenery, Snowbird offers an unmatched, unforgettable experience during a heli-ski ride or a ski or snowboarding trip. Show more

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