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Diving in Thailand

Thailand offers spectacular diving any time throughout the year, but only a limited period is considered the best!

Best time: October–June


Not only Thailand boasts top diving spots, but also diving here is considered to be one of the safest in the world. The waters are so clear, that in some places the visibility gets as good as 30 metres! The top diving spots are Similan islands, Hin Daeng/Hin Muang and Richelieu Rock. Here you can enjoy the sights of the underwater coral gardens, whale sharks, manta rays, silver tip sharks and even sunken battleships!

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What are some of the top dive sites in Thailand?

Similan islands, Hin Daeng/Hin Muang, and Richelieu Rock are all highly recommended dive sites in Thailand. Similan islands is a combination of nine islands that offer a range of underwater delights including whale sharks and manta rays. Hin Daeng/Hin Muang is known for its visually striking corals and bustling schools of fish. Richelieu Rock, located in the Andaman Sea, is known for its diverse population of marine life, including barracudas and even whale sharks. Show more

What sort of creatures can be found while diving in Thailand?

Diving in Thailand affords the opportunity to spot a variety of marine life, both big and small. Among the creatures divers can encounter are tropical fish, turtles, whale sharks and manta rays. The Similan islands in particular offer a diverse selection of sea life and are home to barracudas, moray eels, spotted rays, and even leopard sharks. Divers can also investigate sunken World War II ships off the coast of Thailand for a unique underwater experience. Show more

When should I plan a diving trip to Thailand?

While possible any time of year, diving conditions in Thailand are optimal between October and June, which comprises the dry season. Visibility is good and the sea is calmer during this period. Between December to February the water can be cooler but visibility is excellent, while from March to May it is warmer and less crowded. These factors all contribute to satisfying and comfortable diving experiences in the region. Show more

What are some reasons why Thailand is a secure location for diving?

Diving in Thailand is widely considered to be among the safest options globally, due to the exceptional conditions, well-trained dive instructors, and strict regulations in place to govern diving activities. THailand's waters are warm and the visibility is excellent, making for easier manoeuvring. The country is equipped with experienced diving instructors with excellent safety records, and diving activities are government-regulated by an organization that sets stringent standards for the protection of all participants. Show more

Where should I go diving in Thailand to observe sunken ships?

For those interested in exploring sunken ships from World War II, several locations are available within Thailand. Popular dive sites include HTMS Sattakut and HTMS Chang, formerly U.S. vessels. The former is located in the sea near Koh Tao island, while the latter lies off the shore of Pattaya. Both shipwrecks are home to a diverse array of marine life and make for exciting and unique diving experiences. Show more

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