Best time to visit Great Barrier Reef

Diving and Snorkelling in Great Barrier Reef 2024

Great Barrier Reef is more than famous for its diving experience. With the biggest reefs and most unique fish and animal, your dive here will be more than perfect!

Best time: May–November

Diving and Snorkelling
Diving and Snorkelling
Diving and Snorkelling

With its 74 picturesque islands Whitsundays beaches include various options for your most unforgettable diving experience. As for the main attractions of scuba diving in the area are unbelievably colourful shallow corals and ocean's most amazing animals such as green sea turtle, striking Napoleon wrasses and white tip reef sharks. So, if you are looking for the most memorable dive, don't hesitate and head over to the Whitsundays for the best diving experience.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Great Barrier Reef for diving and snorkelling?

The ideal period for diving and snorkelling in Great Barrier Reef is between May and November when the conditions are optimal with calm waters, good visibility and an average temperature of 25°C. Travellers visiting outside these months should be prepared for lower visibility, rougher seas, and higher water temperatures, particularly in December and January when jellyfish season arrives. Nevertheless, venturing off-season could provide a more secluded experience with its unique charms and quieter crowds. Show more

Where can I find the most colourful corals and unique marine animals in Great Barrier Reef?

An excellent place to explore amazing marine life in Great Barrier Reef is the Whitsundays region. Visitors can marvel at the green sea turtles, exceptional Napoleon wrasses, and white tip reef sharks here. The shallow corals also provide unforgettable scuba diving experiences. Other destinations one may explore for a unique adventure are Lady Elliot Island, Ribbon Reefs and Osprey Reef, which feature various marine life diversity. Show more

How many beaches are there in Whitsundays for diving and snorkelling?

Whitsundays archipelago consists of 74 islands engulfed by picturesque beaches that offer ideal environments for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. Snorkelling and diving enthusiasts looking to explore the region will find Coral Gardens and Luncheon Bay on Fitzroy Island, Blue Pearl Bay on Hayman Island, and Manta Ray Bay on Hook Island as excellent spots. Most beaches are also equipped with essential facilities for divers and equipment renting shops. Show more

When is the peak season for diving and snorkelling in Great Barrier Reef?

The prime time for diving and snorkelling in Great Barrier Reef is from June to August. During this period, rainfall reduces, and crystal clear waters provide maximum visibility to explore the marine ecosystem. However, travellers should expect higher prices and huge crowds. Venturing between May and November is a better option to escape the peak season rush, as the temperature remains warm enough with fewer crowds. Show more

Is it safe to dive with sharks in Great Barrier Reef?

Most types of sharks at the Great Barrier Reef, such as the white-tip and black-tip reef sharks, are generally harmless and non-aggressive. The Great Barrier Reef offers a safe environment for diving and snorkelling with sharks under the guidance of professional tours that prioritize safety. Divers and snorkellers are instructed to avoid touching the marine animals or their habitat and exercise caution when around these apex predators. However, it is best to remain vigilant and never assume that a shark is harmless. Show more

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